Relationship Conflict

Every relationship ranging from bunkmates, housemates and even husband and wife relationships have their ups and downs. There is no relationship without a conflict or the other. Relationship conflict has to do with the conflict arising as a result of individual differences, personality clashes and disagreements. Many people think relationship conflict is bad for relationships and should not even occur at all but the truth is that conflict is not a bad thing, so long as the parties are dutifully committed to the relationship. Every person possesses the right to have a dissenting opinion from that of the other party.

Some factors are responsible in the uprising of conflicts in relationships.

Some of these factors include:

  • Misunderstanding
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Unrealistic expectations from the other party
  • Revenge
  • Not forgiving the offender
  • Pointing accusing fingers
  • Money
  • Resentment

The goal of everyone in a relationship is for that relationship to be a healthy. To prevent relationship conflicts, intentional steps must be taken to ensure that conflicts do not mar the relationship.

Relationship Management Control

Communication: Take this away from the relationship and the relationship is as good as dead. The most important secret to maintaining a healthy relationship and preventing relationship conflict is communication. When partners to a relationship communicate effectively, they understand themselves better and so when conflicts arise; it is much easier to overcome them without it affecting the relationship.

Listening to the other partner: A listening ear can prevent conflicts in a relationship. When you feel you know it all and you are always right, you are not giving the other party the chance to express himself/herself. Sometimes, you might be right, but for the sake of the relationship, you need to lend a listening ear. Signs that show you are listening are when you maintain eye contact with the person you are talking with, nodding your head etc.

Don’t shut the other person down: It is very rude and disrespectful to shut people down whilst speaking. If for nothing, the party at least has a right of audience. If eventually you will not agree with them, let them finish talking, and then state your view rather than just shutting them down.

You cannot be always right: This is very true. Regardless of your qualifications and achievements, you are prone to making mistake sometimes.

Stop bringing up past issues that have already been resolved: This is a common thing in relationships when one party commits a wrong and in few seconds, the other party has listed three past instances when the person has committed similar wrong.

Sometimes, it is not about who is right but what is right: Humans, due to their ego always want to stand on the fact that they are the one who is right. For the relationship sake, both parties can agree on looking for a remedial approach to the wrong committed and not the pointing of fingers.

Other methods of preventing relationship conflicts includes speaking whenever offended instead of harbouring hate, letting a third neutral party deliberate help solve the conflict, compromising.

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