There are two types of rebates available to clients:

1. Medicare Rebates

2. Private Health Fund Rebates


Medicare Rebates are available when a client’s General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Pediatrician assesses their patient as suffering a specified Mental Health Disorder and refers them with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP). Eligible clients are then able to receive a rebate from Medicare (for a 50 minute session of $124.50). Clients initially have an entitlement of 6 sessions which may be extended with an additional 4 sessions. A report is sent to the referring doctor after the completion of each series of sessions. These sessions are for individual clients only, not for couples.

Normally only 10 sessions within a 12 month period attract the rebate. A further extraordinary group of 6 sessions may occasionally be assessed by your doctor.


Private Health Fund Rebates are available to individuals, couples and families who are covered by their Health Insurance. They do not require a referral from a doctor.


Some individuals may choose to attend without a referral.