Low Self Esteem

Some may refer to it as self worth. Self Esteem is the opinion we have of our appearance, our intelligence, personality, confidence and worthiness. The two sides to self esteem are the low spectrum on the one hand and a high spectrum on the other hand. A person with a high self esteem thinks highly of himself, expresses a positive and optimistic vigour towards life. Low self esteem as opposed to high self esteem is characterized by the criticizing of self. People have associated it with mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

Causes of Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem is in most cases traced back to childhood experiences. Some of the causes of Low Self Esteem include:

  • Bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Frequent Punishments
  • Child Abuse
  • Rape
  • Stress

Often times than not, those who have low self esteem isolate themselves from social gatherings, they avoid situations that may pose a challenge. People with low self esteem also tend to develop some bad habits like smoking, substance use and abuse. It reduces productivity at work. Mental health conditions even develop in more extreme cases.

Low Self Esteem Treatment

In treating Low Self Esteem, a mind shift is what is required; from the negative to the positive paradigm.

  1. Approach life with a positive mindset: A phrase which is common amongst people with low self esteem is the word ‘I can’t.’ A positive frame of mind towards life will help to gradually elevate your self esteem. ‘I am strong’, ‘I will fall but I will rise again’, ‘I cannot be looked down on. Words like this helps to rescind a person’s low self esteem.
  2. Knowing what you are good at and focusing on them: People with low self esteem often think that they are not good at anything but this is not true. A potential lies within everyone, it just needs to be brought out and developed. We tend to enjoy the things that we are good at and this even helps to uplift our mood.
  3. Shutting out negative comments: One of the reasons why people fall victim to low self esteem is because of the negative words that people have said to them and has built up over time. Not letting the negative comments of others get to you helps to build a strong frame of mind as against low self esteem. This is to say that negative comments should not bring you down but give you a better resolve towards doing things.
  4. Challenging yourself: Sometimes, what you need is a trigger to boost your self esteem. Challenging yourself can be a very effective method. Try new things, discover more about yourself. Being a goal oriented individual also helps.
  5. Being aggressively focused: A strong determination and a great resolve towards the things you are assigned to do will help you create a profile for yourself. This profile cannot retain mediocrity. You just cannot settle for less.
  6. Therapy: It is pertinent sometimes to seek therapeutic help when you cannot handle this on your own because if left alone it could degenerate into a mental issue. A supportive, caring and tolerant therapist would do. The key is to help in overcoming the stronghold that accompanies low self esteem.

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